Saturday, November 5, 2011

VACATION!!!! I didn't meet my deadline of Nov. 6 and I'm getting on a plane at 5am to fly to Mexico.   I did come up with a new way to light some stuff that looked to be a pain in the arse.  Normally to make something a different color, such as a monster's eyes,  I would cover the whole piece of glass with a colored gel, then cut out the part to be a different color.  Then on the cut out  a piece of colored gel is taped, red eyes for example.
But not any more.  By cutting a hole in a piece of color plastic and placing it between the light and the glass, I can line the hole in the plastic up with the hole in the cut out. It's the same effect with less waste and more reusable. So that'll make things easier. But now I'm going to Mexico.